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Unity promotional resources

Unity Sexual Health has a range of resources and promotional materials available. If you would like to order some to promote sexual health services in Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire please contact our health promotion partners, Terence Higgins Trust.

Terence Higgins Trust, Unity Central, Tower Hill, Bristol BS2 0JD.


Outreach and print resources:

Unity Condom wallets (cardboard, for holding condoms and lube)

Unity credit card-style flyer (with website details)

Unity badges ‘Want a postal STI kit? Ask me’

Unity sticker


Advertising print resources:

Unity A4 poster with editable text for clinic times etc

Unity A1 poster on foam board (advertising postal testing kits)

Unity A1 poster on foam board (advertising clinics and opening times)

Unity large poster


Banners and event materials:

Unity T-shirts

Unity gazebo (Unity logo with partner logos, 3m x 3m)

Unity 2-handed banner (Unity logo with partner logos, street-width)

Unity placards

Unity sail banners x2

Unity pull-up banner (x1 with Unity logo and partner logos, x1 with service description)

Unity “selfie” frame and dress up items




Locate a confidential service

Find your local Pharmacy or Clinic and book a confidential appointment.

Order a testing kit

Worried about STIs or other sexual health problems? You can request a confidential free home testing kit.

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