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04/12/20 12.00 Issue with booking Online Account now sorted and working OK

PrEP – What do I need to know?

The PrEP Impact trial is now closed for recruitment but continues to provide PrEP for those on the trial - see below for other ways to access PrEP

PrEP – Treatment to protect from HIV – what is it and where can I get it? 

01/10/20  PrEP is now funded as a free NHS treatment (see this announcement on 15th March 2020).

We, at Unity Sexual Health, welcome this and will be providing a full PrEP service.

If you are interested in getting PrEP in this way then please ring the PrEP line on 0117 342 6941. and leave your name and contact telephone number to be added to our “mailing list” – we will then call you back to discuss eligibility and arrange appointment – there may be a delay in arranging your first appointment – depending on demand for PrEP.

PrEP – IMPACT Trial – This is now closed to recruitment but continues to provide PrEP for those who are on the trial.

PEPSE – treatment to think about taking if you have been at risk of HIV 

Do I need PEPSE? Check by answering these questions 

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