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Results – How do I get my results?

Depending on your symptoms, some results can be given on the day, however the majority will  be sent to a laboratory for specific testing. These can take longer to get back to you. Here are some of the ways you can collect results.

Sexual Health Screens at the Unity Central Health Clinic

For a patient attending the Unity Central Health Clinic the results process is as follows;

  • If all results are Negative and no further action needed then you will get a text in 2 or 3 weeks after your test.
  • If a result is Positive or needs further action then you will get a phone call or a text in 2 or 3 weeks after your test.
  • If you do not give us permission to text and do not hear from us within 3 weeks of the test then you can assume all tests are negative (this is known as “No news is good news”)
  • As a confidential clinic we are unable to provide results if you phone us.

Texts will either inform you that everything is fine, or ask you to call or attend clinic. Some patients may require written evidence of results. There is an additional charge to provide written results.

If you have symptoms, then you may receive the following results on the day:

  • Evidence of any urinary tract infections
  • Evidence of gonorrhoea, trichomonas vaginalis or bacterial vaginosis.
  • Evidence of inflammation
  • Evidence of thrush
  • Evidence of warts or other skin conditions
  • Evidence of suspected herpes
  • Evidence of pregnancy

In some cases, treatment may be offered on the day and tests for further infection or for confirmation will be sent to the lab. Any tests sent to the lab will follow the same results process as an asymptomatic test.

Point of care HIV test

If you are at risk of HIV, you may be offered a point of care HIV test. This is a finger-prick test that looks for exposure to HIV from three months prior to the test being taken. You will receive this result on the day. This test is only offered to specific patient groups and is not part of our routine screen.

Sexual Health Screens at other clinic settings

  • 19/11/18 – Some clinics are able to text results as above but others have a “no news is good news” system which means if you have not heard anything 3 weeks after your test then it is all negative.
  • We hope to make this clearer later this month when the website is updated.


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