Implant – removal

You may wish to have your implant removed for the following reasons:

  • You want  to become pregnant
  • Your current device has expired and you want to have another fitted
  • You are having problems with the device and wish to change to another method.

Please note, if your implant was fitted more than 3 years ago you may be at risk of pregnancy so we will need to assess the risk before fitting a new device or starting you on another method.

How is the implant removed?

  • A specially trained doctor or nurse must take it out.
  • The doctor or nurse will feel your arm to locate the implant and then give you a local anaesthetic injection in the area where the implant is.
  • They will then make a tiny cut in your skin and gently pull the implant out. They will put a dressing on the arm to keep it clean and dry and to help reduce the bruising. Keep this dressing on for a few days.

Will my implant be difficult to remove?

  • It usually only takes a few minutes to remove an implant. If the implant has been put in correctly, it should not be difficult to remove.
  • Occasionally, an implant is difficult to feel under the skin and it may not be so easy to remove. If this happens, you may be referred to a specialist centre to have it removed with the help of an ultrasound scan.
  • If you want to carry on using an implant, the doctor or nurse can put a new one in at the same time as removing your old one. You will continue to be protected against pregnancy if your previous device has not expired.  If your previous device has expired you will need to use additional precautions for seven days after your new implant is fitted.

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