Abuse – What help is available?

Domestic violence and abuse is not acceptable.

Important: If you feel in immediate danger, dial 999 straight away and wait in a safe place for the police to arrive.

Any form of abuse is unacceptable and will be taken seriously if you tell a health professional. There is lots of different and specialist support for people who have been abused. Please see below the links to more information about different types of abuse and the help available.

It will be taken seriously if you talk about this with a health professional.

Click on the links below for information.

I am worried about having sex I did not want to have (sexual violence)

I am worried about being used for sex  (sexual exploitation)

I am worried about abuse and/or violence from someone I know (domestic abuse)

I am worried about agreeing to have sex  (consent) 

Where can I get help and information about “female genital mutilation”? 

I am worried about something that is effecting my sexual health



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Find your local Pharmacy or Clinic and book a confidential appointment.

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