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LGBTQ+ Services

LGBTQ+ Services

LGBTQ+ is an acronym meaning Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer plus. It describes a community of people with sexual or gender identities that may differ from those who conform to traditional gender stereotypes.

LGBTQ+ Service provision in the Bristol area

Unity Sexual Health services are an inclusive range of providers that cater to everybody, regardless of sex, age, gender or sexual orientation. We provide a welcoming, understanding and confidential service with the aim of giving the best provision to all of our wide range of users.

For further information on some of the services we may be able to offer you, please see our Homepage or:

Testing for STIs and HIV

High risk groups

What is PEPSE or post-exposure prophylaxis?

What is PrEP?



Pregnancy advice


Below are some links to useful LGBT services in the Bristol and wider area:

Locate a confidential service

Find your local Pharmacy or Clinic and book a confidential appointment.

Order a testing kit

Worried about STIs or other sexual health problems? You can request a confidential free home testing kit.

Find out More

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