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Specialist clinics

Our senior team at Unity Sexual Health have specialist knowledge in the management of some of the more complex aspects of sexual health, sexually transmitted infections and contraception.

These clinics are not available on the walk-in and you will need a referral letter from you GP to be seen.

  • Chronic pelvic pain in men

    We have a specialist clinic for men with long-standing pain in their penis, pelvis or testes.

  • Recurrent or persistent vaginal conditions

    We have a specialist clinic for women  with recurrent vulval and vaginal conditions including:

    • Recurrent candida (yeast) infections.
    • Recurrent bacterial vaginosis
    • Recurrent or persistent vaginal discharge of unknown cause.

    These conditions can be difficult to treat but we can help you manage these troublesome symptoms.

    Its best to see your GP initially, but your GP can refer you to us if your symptoms are ongoing.

  • Recurrent or persistent genital herpes or genital warts

    We have specialist clinics for people who have problematic warts and genital herpes.

    These are common conditions but can be difficult to treat if recurrent or persistent.

    You can see your GP initially who might refer you into these clinics.

    Alternatively you can attend our walk-in and if required you will be referred to a specialist clinic.

  • Complex contraception

    We run specialist clinics for women with complex contraception needs. This might be if you:

    • have a medical condition that makes choosing the right type of contraception more difficult
    • are taking medication that might interact with contraception
    • have had difficulty having an IUD or IUS fitted by your GP
    • have an implant which is not easy to feel

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