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Sex and alcohol

I was so drunk I can’t remember what happened last night!

Some people drink because it makes them feel more confident and sexy.  Only problem is that it also makes you take more risks.

You’re more likely to be taken advantage of, assaulted and even raped.  Look after yourself and your mates and never walk home alone.

Did you know?

Teenagers are twice as likely to have unprotected sex after drinking alcohol which can lead to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections

Top Tips

If you are planning to drink and have sex, remember to look after yourself and the person you’re having sex with. Follow these tips to stay safe:

  • Before you head out – if you’re planning on going out and drinking, decide before whether you are ready to have sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend.  You’re more likely to regret it the morning after if you wait to make the decision when you’re drunk.
  • Have condoms with you – If you’re ready to have sex, have condoms with you.
  • Avoid drinking on an empty stomach – Make sure you eat before and during drinking to help pace your drinking and avoid being sick.
  • Drink water – Pace yourself by drinking water or a soft drink between each alcoholic drink and make sure you drink plenty to rehydrate the next day too.
  • Stay with friends – Look after yourself and your mates by going out together and sticking together. Always travel home with your friends and never take an unlicensed cab.
  • Watch your drinks – Always keep an eye on your drink and don’t take drinks from people you don’t know, in case they’ve spiked them with alcohol or drugs

I drink to make me feel sexier

You might think that alcohol can make you feel more confident and carefree but it seriously affects your judgement and you might make decisions you later regret.

Some people drink because they think it makes sex better but in fact men can have trouble getting an erection.

If you drink for confidence, you might not even be ready for sex, whether it’s the first time or if you’ve been having sex for a while.

We forgot to use a condom/didn’t use contraception

Lots of people blame alcohol for the fact they didn’t use a condom.  If you’re too out of it to put one on, you’re probably too drunk to have sex.

Only condoms help prevent HIV, Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections if used correctly so unless you want to wake up with one of these as well as a hangover, make sure you use one every time.  If you can’t put one on because you’re so drunk, just don’t take the risk.

If you didn’t use condoms, contraception or the condom split or fell off, you are at risk of STIs and, for sex between males and females, you might also be at risk of unplanned pregnancy.  The faster you act, the easier it will be to deal with these issues.

If you have had unprotected sex within the last 72 hours (3 days) you can get free emergency contraception from one of the many services across Bristol including pharmacies.

It is best to get emergency contraception as soon as possible, so you may prefer to get emergency contraception from:

  • Your GP
  • A pharmacy – some offer this free if you are under 20
  • An NHS walk-in centre

You can find out your nearest pharmacies that provide emergency contraception by:

Texting 80011 with ‘pharmacy emergency contraception [and your post code]’

You will get a text response with the 3 nearest pharmacies with their names, addresses, telephone numbers and distance from the post code you’ve entered.

Standard text message rates from your provider may apply when using this service.

Another option is that you can have an IUD coil fitted (up to 120 hours/5 days later – sometimes longer still). You will need to go to a sexual health clinic for this. The main thing to remember is that you should continue to use condoms.

Avoiding STIs:

You will need to consider going for an STI test. Tests are pain free and relatively quick, and if you do have an STI, the clinic will help treat the problem too.

Remember, condoms are the only form of contraception that helps protect you from pregnancy AND STIs but there are lots of contraceptive options to choose from and the best thing is to go double dutch and use both if sex is between a male and female.  It’s important you choose the one that suits you and when you attend a clinic for an STI test, you can ask about your options.

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