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Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A

There is currently an outbreak of Hepatitis A among gay and bisexual men across Europe, including the UK.

Public Health England have recommended hepatitis A vaccination for all at-risk men.

You can get a free hepatitis A vaccination from our Unity Central clinic in Bristol or Unity @ WISH in Weston-Super-Mare. To book an appointment, please call 0117 342 6900 or come to the walk-in service.


Hepatitis A symptoms

Hepatitis A is a virus that infects the liver. It is easy to pass on during sex or from contaminated food and water. Nearly everyone makes a full recovery.

Hepatitis A symptoms can be so mild you may not realise you have it, but up to six weeks after infection it can cause flu-like symptoms, nausea and jaundice (yellowing of the skin). It is rarely life-threatening.


Hepatitis A transmission

Hepatitis A lives in faeces and can be transmitted through:

  • Food or water contaminated with faeces
  • Through oral or anal sex, when tiny amounts of faeces gets on fingers and into mouths through rimming, fingering or anal sex without condoms.


Hepatitis A prevention

As well as vaccination, hepatitis A can be avoided through careful hygiene during and after sex. The advice is to:

  • Wash your hands after sex
  • Use protection for fingering, rimming and fisting
  • Change condoms between anal and oral sex
  • Avoid sharing sex toys


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For more information on other vaccination please see the Unity Vaccination page.

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