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Keeping the baby

Keeping the baby

Caring for a baby is a major responsibility and life-changing for anyone, regardless of age. Being a teenage parent can be even more difficult for many reasons.

If you are a young parent or want to be a young parent then you have the same right to be respected and supported as everyone else. There are a lot of people out there to help you and you should talk to your local GP, nurse, clinic, teenage pregnancy midwife or health visitor about support  in Bristol.



Being Pregnant

  • If you’re pregnant and want to continue with your pregnancy, there is a lot of information and support that you’ll need to make sure you and your baby keep healthy and safe.

  • You don’t need a special diet when you are pregnant but you need to eat a good balance of foods including fruit and vegetables. As everything you put in your body will reach your baby in some way it’s important to realise that smoking, drinking or taking drugs may be harming your baby as well as yourself. Talk to your doctor or midwife if you would like advice about this.
  • It’s fine for you to carry on having sex while you are pregnant, if you want to. But if you do, it’s still really important to continue using a condom to protect yourself, your partner and your baby, against STIs.
  • Make an appointment to see a midwife. You can make an appointment through your GP surgery or health centre.  The earlier you are seen the better. Midwives are specially trained and will help you throughout your pregnancy, seeing you for regular appointments to check how you are getting on. Your midwife will also arrange scans at the hospital to check the health of your baby, and give you information about antenatal classes.



  • Being pregnant at school

    If you are still at school when you get pregnant, you are entitled to an education and allowed to stay on at school.  In Bristol there is also The Meriton, a specialist school for pregnant or teenage parents.

  • Being pregnant at work

    There are laws to protect you if you are working when you get pregnant and your company will have a policy about your rights to maternity leave. You will find more information on your rights at work by clicking here

  • Being a young parent

    Once the baby is born, you may find it helpful to think about the following things:

    • Is there anyone you know who will help out or babysit on a regular basis? How do they feel about doing this?
    • What sort of things would/could your parents or other adults you know do to help?
    • Is your partner feeling 100% ready to become a mum or dad? What help might they need?
    • It can also be helpful to think about things like finance and housing.

Being a young mum or dad

Being a young parent can be rewarding but it is also hard work. You will need to consider how having a baby will affect your life, before, during and after the birth.

It’s important that you think about how you’ll support yourself and the baby. Sometimes people can find it helpful to speak to another young mum or dad to find out about their experience of parenthood or you can speak to your midwife for support.

You may find it helpful to think about the following things:

  • Is there anyone you know who will help out or babysit on a regular basis? How do they feel about doing this?
  • Do you know exactly how much help your parents would be able or willing to offer? What sort of things would/could they do to help?
  • Is your partner feeling 100% ready to become a mum/dad? Are they willing to support you and the child and to take on all the responsibilities of being a mum/dad brings?
  • It can also be helpful to think about things like finance and housing.
  • Support for young parents in Bristol

    There is lots of support for young mums and dads in Bristol.

    Bluebell Mums Comfort Zone – free mums groups with creche and support network for mums across Bristol

    Bluebell Dads Zone – supporting dads experiencing depression related to pregnancy or birth

    Bristol Fathers – website lists information, advice and fathers’ groups across Bristol

    Children’s Centres – early years and childcare settings providing a wide range of high quality family support, early learning and childcare services to local families

    The Hartcliffe and Withywood Teenage Parents Project – works with young parents aged from 16-25, and their children from 0-4

    Hillfield’s Young Mothers’ Group – offers lots of activities including knitting, massage and some DIY skills

    Learning Partnership West – can provide advice for teenage parents on education, careers, housing, money, health and relationships

    The Meriton -in central Bristol provides education, support, mentoring, information and advice to young mothers both pre and post 16

    OneSpace – online support service for single parents which offers free, confidential, Ask the Expert email service, free online courses, articles and information.

    Pregnancy Advisory Service – The Teenage Pregnancy Outreach Nurses will support young parents for six months after they have had their baby to choose and access the right contraception

    Rosie Dimond Specialist Health Visitor for teenage parents – works alongside Health Visitors, The Meriton, The Family Nurse Partnership, and many other agencies in Bristol to support teenage parents and their children, and improve and develop the service that is offered.

    Youth Moves Mums Drop-In is a weekly session run by youth workers for mums aged under 21 and their children. Mums can chat, play and get information and support in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


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