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Sexual Exploitation

What is Child Sexual Exploitation? (CSE)

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of child abuse.

CSE occurs where an individual or group takes advantage of an imbalance of power to encourage or force  a young person into sexual activity. Usually, this is in exchange for something the young person wants or needs, such as gifts, alcohol or drugs. Sometimes it can be for financial advantage or increased status. CSE can also involve the use of technology such as social media.

If you are affected by this and would like some support please see the links below.

What is Adult Sexual Exploitation?

Adult Sexual Exploitation is a form of sexual abuse that involves someone taking advantage of an adult, sexually, for their own benefit through threats, bribes, and violence. Perpetrators usually hold power over their victims, due to age, gender, sexual identity, physical strength or status. In many cases there is an element of grooming involved. Adults can be sexually exploited in many ways including: Rape, sexual assault, being tricked or manipulated into having sex or performing a sexual act, being trafficked into, out of, or around the UK for the purpose of sexual exploitation, and being forced to take part in or watch pornography.

Unseen provide safehouses and support in the community for survivors of trafficking and modern slavery and they have a UK Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline 0800 121 700 .

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