• Gonorrhoea and Syphilis rates are at historic highs. Get tested if you've had a new recent parter.


We are currently seeing a high number of new Syphilis cases in Bristol, and the South-West

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection that can be transmitted through all types of sexual contact. This includes oral sex and shared sex toys.

Syphilis can also be passed on to your baby during pregnancy.





You may have seen our current campaign highlighting the increasing numbers of new syphilis cases in the South-West.

If, not you can see them below.

Symptoms can include:

  • A painless sore (chancre) on your genitals, anus or around your mouth;
  • A rash on your body, especially on your hands or the soles of your feet;
  • Swollen glands;
  • Flu-like symptoms, a fever or a headache.

Important note: Not everyone who has syphilis has symptoms.

If not treated, syphilis can cause damage to the central nervous system, the brain and may

Syphilis is completely treatable with antibiotics.


The more people you have sex with, especially without condoms, the more chance you have or getting syphilis. Therefore, you should test for syphilis if:

  • You think you have one or more of the symptoms mentioned above;
  • You have had changed sexual partners in recent months;
  • You have had a number of sexual encounters over recent months;
  • You are pregnant and have had a new partner since your booking visit.

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