• Gonorrhoea and Syphilis rates are rising across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset - get tested if you think you've been at risk


What is HIV?

Check out our HIV page on what is HIV? How is it passed on? How do you test for HIV? And what about HIV treatment?

Am I at risk of HIV? – check with this assessment.


I have HIV, how can I access care?

HIV care is available to anyone with HIV in Bristol.  See this page for further information: HIV Service & Support in Bristol and surrounding area


I think I’m at risk of HIV infection- what can I do?

Treatment is available to prevent HIV infection, as well as treat HIV infection in those who test positive.

PrEP is taken by HIV negative people to stop them getting HIV if they are at high risk. Click on our PrEP page for more information.

PEPSE is taken after sex if it has been high risk for HIV infection. It needs to be started within 72 hours. More information is on our PEPSE page.

Do I need PEPSE? Check by answering these questions 


Some communities are at higher risk of HIV and STIs. You can get more information on our Common Ambition Bristol project here. Common Ambition Bristol is a major new project with people of African and Caribbean heritage working in partnership with health care professionals, African Voices Forum, Brigstowe and academics to increase HIV testing and awareness and reduce HIV stigma.

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