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Clinical Services and How to Refer

For professionals requiring urgent clinical advice, please contact us on: on 0117 342 6913

  • NEW Feb 2023 - fast track route for implant referrals

    Does your patient want a contraceptive implant (Nexplanon?)

    St Michael’s Hospital are establishing a temporary service to train their staff in the provision of contraceptive implants, and so are looking for patients!

    For short time only, the clinic will accept referrals from GPs across BNSSG. The clinic is for GP referrals until  the end of March 2024. 

    The clinic will provide full pre-fit consultation, the Nexplanon device and consumables, and a standard letter. There is currently no waiting list!

    All details including inclusions/exclusions can be found on our remedy page https://remedy.bnssg.icb.nhs.uk/adults/sexual-health/contraceptive-implant-clinic-at-st-michaels/    remedy pathway (icb.nhs.uk)

    Patients can be referred via ERS by selecting:

    • Speciality: Gynaecology
    • Clinic Type: Not Otherwise Specified
    • Priority: Routine
    • Service Name: Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Service (LARC) – Bristol Royal Infirmary – UHBW – RA7
    For queries about the service you can email stmikesLARC@uhbw.nhs.uk 
  • Patient self-referral

    Our testing and referral pathways have changed and will continue to change as a result of COVID-19.  We will keep this page updated with current pathways.

    People can self-refer to Unity Sexual Health for:

    For information on current Unity clinics and opening hours please click here.

    *Please note due to Covid 19 all patients who self refer to our walk in clinic require a telephone appointment before they are seen. Patients should call 0117 342 6900 to arrange this. If your patient is struggling to access our service and you feel they need review please call our number for professionals only on 0117 342 6913

  • GP referral

    If you wish to contact Unity Sexual Health you may do so in the following ways:

    Urgent referrals or for sexual health advice:

    • During clinic opening hours call our Clinic laboratory 0117 342 6913
    • If unable to get through, call and leave a message with a DIRECT LINE or MOBILE PHONE NUMBER for reply on the secure answerphone on 0117 342 6944 (health advisers) or 0117 342 6933 (direct line to reception). The message will be passed to the covering doctor for the next clinical session.
    • Please leave a number for direct call back for professionals rather than the generic GP surgery number as this is very time-consuming.

    Emergency IUD referral:

    Routine/ non-urgent/ psychosexual referrals:

    • Bristol and South Gloucestershire: please see the Unity LARC referral form below and send to UnityReferrals@uhbw.nhs.uk
    • North Somerset:  please see the WISH LARC referral form below and send to: wishclinic@nhs.net 
    • GUM referrals, please write a letter and either post to Unity Sexual Health, Central Health Clinic, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0JD or email UnityReferrals@uhbw.nhs.uk
    • We are working on using the E-Referral System (ERS) but do not have capability to use this yet.

    Our current waiting time for appointments is approximately 6-8 weeks. Patients are welcome to self-refer for some services (see above section).

    Bristol and South Glos Referrals can be sent to UnityReferrals@uhbw.nhs.uk

    North Somerset referrals can be sent to wishclinic@nhs.net 

    Please use the templates below for referrals relating to emergency IUD insertion and non-urgent long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) procedures,  including routine or complex IUD, IUS or implant insertions or removals.

    We plan to introduce the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS). We will send out communications once the e-RS becomes live for our service.

  • Unity clinics and opening times

    Unity clinics

    For contraception and sexual health the main contact telephone number is 0117 342 6900.

    The telephone lines are open::

      • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:  8.30am – 5pm
      • Wednesday:  8.30am – 2pm; 3pm – 5pm (closed between 14.00-15.00 for staff training)
      • Friday:  8.30am – 1pm
      • Saturday:  9am – 12pm

    At Unity@Central we run a triage-first system. Please note: Our services are extremely busy and our initial telephone triage appointments can be filled early in the day.

    At present we are not offering regular repeated cryotherapy (freezing treatment) for warts unless topical treatment is contraindicated.

    Appointments may be offered at:

    • Central Health Clinic (BS2 0JD)
    • Unity@Concord (BS34 6BQ)
    • Unity@South Bristol Community Hospital (BS14 0DE)
    • Unity@Cossham (BS15 1LF)
    • Unity@Yate (BS37 4AX)

    WISH Clinic (Weston-Super-Mare)

    If you wish to make an appointment or to speak to someone at the clinic in Weston-Super-Mare, call WISH Clinic on  01934 881234. 

    The WISH Clinic is currently carrying out telephone consultations with the specialist nurses and consultant. If the outcome of the telephone consultation is that you are required to be seen then a face to face appointment will be arranged for you by the member of the team that you speak to. We are sorry, but we are not currently accepting sit and wait patients.

    Unfortunately it is not possible for WISH staff to book appointments at Central Health Clinic or any Unity community clinics.  Our telephone lines are usually busy, but we do work through the calls  and messages as quickly as we can. If you cannot get through when you first call, then please try again later. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


  • Emergency contraceptive IUD

    If you wish to refer your patient for an emergency or post-coital IUD, please open and complete the IUCD referral form (find at the bottom of this page).

    • Bristol and South Gloucestershire Pharmacy and GP: Please email the form to UnityReferrals@uhbw.nhs.uk
    • North Somerset Pharmacy and GP: Please email the form to wishclinic@nhs.net 
    • Pharmacists may use Pharm Outcomes to make an automated referral.

    PLEASE ADVISE YOUR PATIENT THAT WE WILL CONTACT THEM FROM A “No Caller ID” or “Withheld”  NUMBER. We will attempt to call them on a maximum of two occasions. If they do not answer after the second call no further attempts will be made.

    All patients will be contacted prior to the offer of an appointment to clarify their details and confirm appointment timings. If they do not answer, they cannot be offered an appointment and they will not have their IUD fitted.

    Further guidance on how to calculate the latest time that an emergency IUD may be fitted is available in the document below and also on the sexual health pages of the Remedy website.

  • LNG-IUD and implant fitting and removal: LARC REFERRALS

    If you are a Bristol or South Glos GP and would like to refer a patient for a LARC method at Unity Sexual Health please see the Unity LARC referral form below and send to UnityReferrals@uhbw.nhs.uk

    If you are a North Somerset GP and would like to refer a patient for a LARC method at Unity Sexual Health please see the WISH LARC referral form below and send to: wishclinic@nhs.net 

    • For patients requesting a copper or LNG-IUD, you may wish to highlight the IUC self assessment form which they may complete and bring with them to their appointment
    • All lost thread referrals for removal must have an ultrasound report included from the last 6 months confirming that the IUS/IUD is in situ
    • For complex implant removals please state whether the implant was palpable
    • Further information about LARC referrals may be found on the sexual health pages of the Remedy website

    The current commissioning arrangements for fitting the LNG-IUD and contraceptive implant in our clinics specifies that we can only fit these methods in certain situations, as below:

    • There has been a referral from a GP for specific contraception advice and request for fitting of long acting reversible contraception
    • Where a GP cannot remove an implant, Unity will remove and replace if a further implant is required
    • IUD removal and replacement is outside scope of GP contract
    • Medical complexity of an individual requiring LARC which is outside GP expertise and requires specialist sexual health advice/treatment such as long term medical conditions
    • Any young person under 20 attending Unity Sexual Health
    • Where there is no alternative form of contraception in place at the time of presentation (excluding the use of condoms).

    Patients who do not meet any of the criteria above will be advised to contact their GP for an appointment.

    Fitting of LNG-IUD in Secondary Care (when not for contraception) is on the Interventions Not Normally Funded (INNF) list as ‘Criteria Based Access’ for all Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire patients. Any patients who request an appointment for this will be referred back to their GP. Please see the Intrauterine Coil Insertion and Removal in Secondary Care Policy for further information. Please note, where an LNG-IUD has been fitted at the age of 45 or over, the device may be retained for contrcaeption until the age of 55. If used as the progestogenic component of HRT the device must be replaced every 5 years but this would require a referral to gynaecology services – not Unity.


  • Pregnancy Advisory Service

    Central booking number  0345 872 5435

    Patients can self-refer on this 24-hour telephone line.

    You can call the Central Booking number on behalf of your patient, or provide it to your patient for them to call.

    The operator will ask for some basic information such as name, date of birth and GP details (if the patient has one). This is for all women, regardless of age, in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset with an unplanned pregnancy. This number is free and available 24/7.

    If a patient is under 18 years of age we would be very grateful if you would be able to provide us with additional information (you can either email this to ubh-tr.TeenagePregnancyOutreachNurses@nhs.net from a secure nhs.net email only or send the referral in the post to FAO PAS Outreach Nurses, Unity Sexual Health, Central Health Clinic, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0JD.).

    This is in addition to a referral via the Central Booking number.  Please see below for the Under 18’s Additional Information form.

    If there are complex medical and/or social factors please phone on their behalf to make an appointment and where possible provide a letter with details (including the date of the appointment made).

    If you would like to speak to someone directly at Pregnancy Advisory Service regarding a specific referral, please call 0117 342 6824. You will not be able to make an appointment using this number.

  • Specialist clinics

    At Unity we offer a number of specialist clinics.

    In general, patients will need to be referred into these clinics.

    When referring patients into our specialist clinics it is extremely helpful if you could include their medical history, medications and relevant tests or previous relevant referrals.

    The following patients can be seen in specialist clinics:

    • Male-bodied with:
      • chronic pelvic pain
      • chronic urethral discharge
    • Female-bodied with
      • recurrent bacterial vaginosis
      • recurrent thrush
      • chronic unexplained troublesome vaginal discharge or other vulvo-vaginal symptoms
      • complex contraception issues
      • long acting reversible contraception needs that cannot be provided by the surgery
      • deep or impalpable contraceptive implants


    To refer a patient to our service please write a letter and include a summary of all medical conditions, medication, treatments tried and relevant test results.

    Please send your referral to   ubh-tr.unitycentral@nhs.net


    Please note that we are not commissioned to provide advice or treatment for menopausal symptoms.




  • Psychosexual service

    We continue to offer psychosexual services to the patients of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

    To refer a patient to this service please write a letter and include a summary of all medical conditions, medication, treatments tried and relevant test results.

    Please send your referral to     ubh-tr.unitycentral@nhs.net



  • Menopause care

    Please note that we are not commissioned to provide advice or treatment for menopausal symptoms and are unable to accept referrals for this indication.

    We recommend the RCGP Womens Health Library as a useful tool to access guidelines and e-learning resources.



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